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August 16th, 2006 @ 10:30am



I'm afraid I wont be able to post anything for a while because I've just moved house (that's why I haven't posted a lot) and I won't have internet connection for about 3 months. I might be able to post a few times if I go to a friends or go to my Grandma's but I can't promise anything. The last few weeks I've saved thousands of pictures so I can make icons etc. while I'm away so you can expect a massive post when I'm back.

I'm really sorry about this but there's nothing I can do because we have to be with a certain phone company for a couple of months before we can have internet which is pretty crap I no.

So members please don't delete jadiepooicons and anyone who wants to be a member STILL JOIN, because I can easily accept you as a member if I go to a friends cause it will only take a few minutes.

So for now have fun the next fews months, and if your going back to school/college/uni etc good luck!

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July 23rd, 2006 @ 6:53pm


June 25th, 2006 @ 12:59pm


I wasn't planning on making jadiepooicons members only because I don't like the idea of making someone join a community and then finding out it's crap. But I have found so many people taking my icons and not commenting and not crediting, so I decided it had to be done.

- Comments are love! Even if your not taking anything please comment, feedback is a plus and it makes me make more icons. 

- If taking icons you must comment, if I find anyone who takes an icon without commenting will get a warning, failure to comment again will result in banning. 

- Reasons for why you may be rejected membership: 
~~~You don't credit your user pics, if you are unsure on how to do this see next rule below about crediting, if you don't know who the maker of your icon is then simply put "unknown maker - is this yours?". It's really not that hard!! 
~~~You have only joined communities and it is not stated in your journal why. 
~~~You are a member of an icon stealing community. 

- You must credit the icons if you use them, like this,

- Do not hotlink, it means no one else will be able to see the icons, including yourself. - Do not edit icons in any way. - Do not claim icons as your own. 

- If you have any questions, ask me here or at my personal journal. 

- Most importantly, enjoy my icons.

So, JOIN jadiepooicons NOW!!!!


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